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I thought Gianna was extremely approachable and made me feel instantly comfortable in her company. I think this was essential in me feeling relaxed and therefore ensuring the hypnotherapy was successful. In my case, I was very nervous about getting married and hate being the centre of attention, but Gianna taught me how to turn nervous energy into something good, rather than something that controlled me. I definitely felt that I handled myself better at my wedding than I thought I would and I put this down to my sessions with Gianna. I am continuing to use the techniques I learnt when nervous and will continue to do so.

L.B., Wimbledon


I came to Gianna because I had needle and blood phobia, usually leading to fainting, and wanted to deal with those phobias because I was planning to have a baby.
I'm actually due to have my baby on January 13th and wanted to say that throughout my pregnancy I have had a number of blood tests and hospital appointments and have managed to stay calm and relaxed through all of them, not fainting once, and all thanks to Gianna.
Each time I had to face a test I managed to remain calm and positive because she gave me the confidence and tools to take myself to a relaxing place where my mind is in control of my body. I sincerely cannot recognize myself anymore and I know I wouldn't be where I am now if not for her....thanks so much for your help!

B.P., London


I really had no plan to give up smoking, I thought I would try the hypnotherapy just to see what it would do, and all the way through I was thinking about the rest of the cigarettes in my pocket and how I really wasn't about to throw them away. I didn't, I smoked the lot, but then haven't had one since! Am amazed at how easy it has been, no desperate need to smoke, just a memory of a stupid, unhealthy and expensive habit I once had! Thank you so much!

A.R., Balham


The session was seemed to flow naturally...and it has worked well, even with me forgetting that I used to smoke! The tapping exercise (EFT) helped me in the first few days after my session. I have recommended your service to other people.

A.M., London


The following client came to see about sexual performance anxieties, leading to failed performances. After just one session, he had a positive and natural sexual experience:

[I have] excitement and joy of having such an amazing experience. Before I had our session, my anxiety levels were worrying me so much.
For the first time since my break-up in May, I feel more of the old me is coming back and I am confident that I can perform [again in the future]. [In the session] the imagery was very realistic and the more I think about it, the more real it felt. Picturing a situation in the future where I felt comfortable really helped me realise that I would be ok next time.

J.C., London


I came to Gianna with low confidence and anxiety issues. I was feeling really out of sorts, having problems at work in and in my relationship, and was looking for a solution. Gianna made me feel instantly comfortable and took time to explain to me how beliefs and ideas about myself got "downloaded" into my brain and after the first session I felt like I already knew myself better. By the end of the 4th session, I was feeling a lot more confident and am now able to manage my anxiety symptoms a much more easily. I am coping much better at work and my relationship with my husband is improving. Thank you so much for your help!

M.C., Southfields


Both of the phobias that I came to see you with are now gone - and in just two sessions! I wish I had come to see you sooner.

A.M, Wimbledon


The following client saw me about IBS symptoms. She reported that on a scale of 1-10, her symptoms dropped from an 8 to a 2 after four sessions:

I would definitely recommend this type of therapy to others. I found it extremely helpful and not at all unpleasant . I feel generally more relaxed and calm as a result of the therapy. If found the balance between talking and hypnotherapy was about right.

S.C., Wimbledon

The following client was treated via Skype for anxiety. She reported that her anxiety levels fell from 10 (on a scale from 1-10) to a 2 just after two sessions:

I found that the NLP techniques used made a lot of difference to how I felt. They allowed me to enter situations without the fear I previously had because the fear had been replaced by more realistic and/ or positive feelings.I would definitely recommend hypnotherapy. I was very surprised how much better and more in control I felt after just a few sessions. MW, Scotland


Thank you so much for all your help. I definitely feel a lot less anxious than I did before I met you & already my confidence has improved massively!

I'm really surprised at how just simple changes like not dwelling on negative thoughts can make such a massive difference both mentally & physically. This is definitely something I will practice every day. 

Thank you also for all the extra resources you have provided such as the mp3 files & the thought journals. They are, and I'm sure they will continue to be, extremely useful. 

I just want you to know how much coming to see you has helped me. You're so friendly & welcoming & I felt instantly at ease with you.

KD, North London


Thank you again for the session yesterday. It really relaxed me and I slept better last night. I was up many times but it was not as difficult getting back to sleep. It was much better quality of sleep than I've had in a while. 

RJ, Southwest London

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