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Cognitive Hypnotherapy

Cognitive Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy is one of the most validated therapies available today. More and more people and professionals are recognising its benefits. Within a few sessions or even a few hours, lasting psychological and physical changes may be made. And it is a safe and effective method to deal with a range of problems without drugs or side effects.

There are no swinging watches or loss of control on your part. Hypnosis is a natural state that we as humans experience everyday (have you ever 'zoned out' while driving long distances or at a meeting? - this is what it feels like to be hypnotised). You will be in full control throughout each session and simply feel a pleasant sense of relaxation and calm.

The Cognitive Hypnotherapy approach draws from cutting-edge discoveries and ideas from Evolutionary Psychology, Positive Psychology, Cognitive Theory, Neuroplasticity and NLP and incorporates them into a modern idea of hypnosis to provide a framework for therapy.

Cognitive Hynotherapists ensure the language used in sessions is based on your unique model of the world - how you see and experience things. For example, your anxiety and what triggers it will most certainly be different than someone else's. You are a unique individual with different capabilities and behaviours - Cognitive Hypnotherapists recognise this.


Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) focuses on our patterns of language and thought to help facilitate changes in the way we feel, think and behave. Clients can be taught NLP techniques that they can practice themselves outside of sessions and use for life to be more in control of negative thoughts, feelings and/or behaviours.

By using a combination of Cognitive Hypnotherapy, NLP, the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and Emotional Brain Training (EBT), I work directly with you to train your unconscious mind to help you learn to change the way you are thinking. This may enable you to let go of negative patterns and thoughts forever.

Imagine a life free from unwanted habits or anxieties, where you are in total control of your thoughts, your feelings and your actions. Everyone has the capability to lead a happy, fulfilled and satisfied life.

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"When I let go of what I am, I become what I may be." Lao Tzu